The Movie

A suicide menu. Seasoned with madness and humour, served on uncomfortable self reflection with a little spark of will to survive as dessert.


Sven, who is a capricious choleric, wants to commit suicide after he killed his wife. However he is not able to pull the trigger and has an accident instead. During the next days he has to decide wether he wants to live or to die while being assailed by hallucinations.


Responsible for his wife’s death, Sven escapes into the wild in order to set an end to his life. Not able to pull the trigger, he feels downcast and gets stuck between two tree trunks. Desperate and disappointed by his weakness, he finds himself in a really life-threatening situation alone in the woods. That sure is not the way he had imagined his death. Getting worse, a rustling in the bushes nearby turns out not to be a life-saver but a wild wolf. In addition to these outward dangers, Sven starts hearing a cheeky voice inside his head that is driving him mad.

The character SVEN

Sven could be classified as a choleric and insane charakter who unwillingly takes responsibility for his actions. He is far from self reflection and sorrow. This shows, when Sven, having killed his wife, tries to abdicate from his responsibility with suicide. As his plan collapses he is forced for the first time to deal with himself and his actions.

About the Director

„Lupus Perditus“ is by far the most elaborate and professional movie I have ever produced by myself. I worked as a producer, co-writer and director in this project which is very important to me. My name is Christian Slezak. I am 28 years old and live in Berlin. I have worked in the movie business for ten years now and gained experience in many of its different departments. Reaching from light engineering over music videos and camera work to direction, I have versatile skills in film-making. My last filml „Die Welt nebenan“ (The World next door) dealt with the crashing of wide-spread stereotypes. I also did several documenmtaries all over the world, among which a documentary about orcas for the German TV station ARD in New Zealand an a film about the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. My undergraduate studies at a film university in Berlin helped me broaden my range of skills.

My goal is to tell stories which inspire and touch people right in their hearts.

Director’s Note

Sooner or later everyone gets exposed with the topic death. In my case, I was initially confronted with it due to my personal borderline experiences and than later again due to an apoplectic stroke of my father. Since that I know better than ever (before): Life is worth living. One doesn’t want to die gratuitous. What needs to happen that one still opts for this decision? And if this is the case: How does one finds back to his will of life when it’s already to late?


Shooting location: Brandenburg
Shooting Days: 7
Genre: Drama-Comedy
Length: ca. 30min
Format: Full HD in color
Sound: Surround 5.1
Language: German
Subtitle: English
Release: March 2015
Status: in Postproduktion